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Dongguan exquisite Hardware Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a company with rich experience and professional production of sheet metal manufacturers, is a collection of science and technology, development, production in one of the enterprises.

The factory has advanced production equipment and perfect management, including CNC tailift HPS1250 turn the turret punch press, R100 CNC bending machine, Germany SGD42AI confidentiality of CNC lathe, Shanghai deep throat punch, argon welding for welding king, touch welding, electric welding machine, static spray cabinets, precision gas ovens and other fine dense a series of equipment, with a number of work years of practical experience in engineering and technical personnel and skilled production workers, so that controlled production to management. The factory put the product quality as enterprise life, products strictly in accordance with the national standard operation system, products to achieve excellence, and with the design of customer orders, to realize the beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy assembly.

Factory production of standard chassis, cabinet processing, instrument shell processing, industrial chassis, cabinets processing, precision sheet metal processing, the external laser cutting processing, spray processing, precision metal parts machining etc. surface treatment processing and production.

Our products are of high temperature paint make the product surface smooth and durable according to customer requirements.

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